Rainbow Covenant Missions

rainbow 8140cThe call of the church is to look beyond our walls and listen for ways God invites us to share our faith with others.  That faith sharing must include our actions as well as our words.  A key core value of our Harvest 2020 journey is to move outside our walls as we witness to Christ in the world.  The United Methodist Church emphasizes this core focus for all of our congregations.  

Rainbows represent God's promise.  We delight when a rainbow brightens the horizon after a storm.  As we participate in the work of the Rainbow Covenant we will bring such delight to the hearts and souls of those who are in need of God's promise.

On the first Sunday of every month we put our faith into action as we offer to God our Rainbow Covenant Offerings.  Those offerings are then given to those charities, missions and services we have chosen form the different color bands of the rainbow.  Those gifts are receved by groups both locally and world wide.  The following is as list of of services and groups we have selected for 2013.

Burgandy Band - International

Street Children's Ministry - Cambodia

Red Band - U.S.A.

Red Bird Mission School Tuition Support

Orange Band - UMCOR

Heifer Projects International-Living Gifts

Yellow Band = Children & Youth

UM Children's Fund

Green Band - Northern Illinois Conference

Camp Reynoldswood Renovations, Dixon, IL

Blue Band - NIC District

Disater Trailer-Rockford District

Indigo Band - Missionary Personnel

Red Bird Mission

Purple Band - Special Sundays

United Voices for Children

White Band - Sister Church Relationship

Carpenter's Place-Rockford, IL

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